Vegan Friendly Pacigag Featuring Large Shield Pacifier

Vegan Friendly Pacigag Featuring Large Shield Pacifier
Vegan Friendly Pacigag

Due to popular demand from customer inquiries we have now been able to create a VEGAN Friendly range of items, including our very much loved Pacigags (this listing). Please take the time to browse our other Vegan listings as we have other similar pacigags listed.

PVC Vegan Friendly Pacifier gag, with an extra Large shield Paci which can be taken apart for hygiene purposes (Note only the pacifier shied is fixed to the strap). Item comes with 1 (fixed) Super sized Adult Pacifier, attached to the 20mm wide 1 to 2 mm thick PVC straps, 2 x 1 inch rings and 20mm roller buckle fasten.

 PLEASE see our other PVC Vegan friendly pacigag listings for more colour options and thicker PVC straps. Available in a choice of two PVC strap colours two contrasting pacifier Colours.

Only 15 Hot Pink Paci with Hot Pink Straps now available, but there is a larger stock of Purple Paci's matched with the purple PVC straps

Pacifier Materials and Dimensions;
Teat =food grade silicone BPA, Latex Free
Teat Size = Approximately 5cm Long x 3cm Wide
Shield Material = Plastic
Shield Size = Approximately 6.65cm Wide x 4.75cm Tall

Pacigag size is universal.

We also have a very comprehensive Bespoke Service for those seeking other unlisted items that we can create for you to match.

We ship WORLDWIDE, and only use discreet shipping packages, labelled either leather goods or Toys without our Business name in the exterior.
5 stars based on 2 reviews
Ashley Platt
from Canada
"Great product, made to a superb standard, and shipped fast! I chose this one over the leather as I aimed to wear it in the shower, so I thought the plastic would be better suited. The color is amazing, and the pacifier is also perfect. It does need a little wash before use, else it tastes funny I had to punch myself two new holes for it to close tightly enough, which was easily done with a thin screw driver. Had I known I would have asked the maker before hand, as I'm confident they would have obliged. All in all, a great product. Perfect for Sissies and littles"
Samuel Tune
from USA
"Awesome, comfortable, colourful absolutely amazing product :3 highly recommend"
Brand AB Space
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