Pride Suspenders, Paci's and Holder Strap Set

Pride Suspenders, Paci's and Holder Strap Set

Contrasting Pride Suspenders, Two Large Shield/Teat Pacifiers, & Paci Holder Clip Strap Set


Set contains;

1 x Paci holder clip strap - PVC Strap, Silicone end, and metal fixing clip which fixes to clothing very securely. In Neon UV Green, Neon UV Pink, Purple PVC, with dark pink silicone end.

2 x Contrasting coloured Large shield/teat pacifiers - in Red and Orange colour. This is a wonderful Adult sized pacifier and we are told as it sits in the mouth very comfortably and looks great to scale in the mouth. It's is far bigger than the large NUK pacifier and whats more it comes apart to mix and match with other colours of the same design.

The Adult super sized pacifier design has a small vent between shield and nipple to allow passage of air for comfortable sucking experience and can be taken apart for cleaning or to re-inflate a flat teat which can be troublesome with other types of fixed pacifiers. Please note that you should rinse or sterilise your pacifier in warm water prior to using.

Pacifier/Dummy/Binkie Materials/Size;
Teat = Food grade silicone BPA, Latex Free
Teat Size = Approximately 5cm Long x 3cm Wide
Shield Material = Plastic
Shield Size = Approximately 6.65cm Wide x 4.75cm Tall

1 x Pair of Rainbow coloured elasticated metal clip end suspenders/braces - Size universal.


There are only 10 of these Limited Edition Sets available. 

These sets are packaged up each item individually bagged in clear plastic bags, then into a white paper bag with tissue paper, then brown unbranded boxed for shipping.

**Note - Please be sure to clean, rinse and dry all items before use**

PLEASE see our all our other PVC Vegan friendly products like our retro chest harness with walking strap, pacigags and more, or ask us about our discreet personal Bespoke Service.

We are the only suppliers of a very comprehensive range of high end quality Leather and Vegan Friendly AB/DL, Sissy Items in the UK to Local and International Communities, and we are working closely with people within the communities to further develop, design and create many more usable items. We regularly attend AB events in the UK so we often interact direct and chat with our friends, customers and Professional Carers who consult with us.

We ship WORLDWIDE, and only use discreet unbranded shipping packages, labelled either leather goods or Toys without our Business name in the exterior. All our packages are Tracked and Signes via Royal Mail.

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