Grey/Black Camo Calf Leather /Black Lacquered Oak Flogger

Grey/Black Camo Calf Leather /Black Lacquered Oak Flogger
Black Stained Oak Wood Handled 20 mm Exotic Camo Falls Flogger

There are only one of these Floggers available!

Stained Black finished Oak wood handled flogger (Turned by a member of our team) to our own unique, elegant and recognisable design, with end black leather hanging cord and quality screw fixed fitting.

Falls are made from genuine grey/black camo calf skin leather. Falls are bonded and screwed into the inner part of the handle securely.

Falls width = 20mm
Falls length = Approx 19 inches
Falls Amount = 25
Handle material = Black Stained Oak wood
Handle length = 16 inches
Leather = Calf skin leather
Colours = Grey/Black Camo
Flogger overall length = 41 inches
Overall weight = 550gms

Each of our floggers is custom made individually in our Essex workshop by Master craftsmen for the customer, and we are told that these are a very nice weighted flogger to use, which are quite thuddy.

This is an Artisan Crafted item made in the UK by skilled Leather Craftspeople with over Forty years combined experience who are active in the BDSM/Fetish Lifestyle. We 'Do not' use Faux, Pleather, PU Leather or Reconstituted Leather (Except for our Vegan Friendly PVC range), only the very best quality Grade A selected Leathers/Suede's sourced in the UK and used by the International TV and Movie industries. Our leather, suede's, furs, metal fittings and adornments etc are primarily sourced within the UK, so we're also helping to support other UK small business'.

We also have a very popular and discreet  Bespoke Service available for the more discerning customers who'd like something a little different from what we currently list, please message us about your ideas and see them come to life!

We Ship WORLDWIDE  and 'Only' ever use discreet plain unbranded packaging, with just our zip code 'not ' our business name anywhere on the exterior of parcels as required by our shipping agent. All items are Tracked and signed for security purposes via Royal Mail First Class, so you will need to sign for the package on delivery once we provide you with a unique tracking code.
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Weight: 1kg
Product Code: CAMF3
Brand: SubspaceLeathers