Fetibear Igor

Fetibear Igor

Igor = (approx 21" high) A lovely firm touch Black and Orange Tigger bear wearing a lovely black/orange removable leather body harness and matching removable trigger end walking strap, he also has a crocodile black/white printed leather binky strap holder and black paci which can also be removed.

 Over Forty of our Special Fetibears have now been re-homed and adopted to new homes worldwide  

Unique kinky re- purposed and re-homed teddybears fully togged out in various miniature 100% Leather kinky outfits in many different colour combinations, leather, suede or fur etc. All individually hand crafted with love by a skilled craftsman in the BDSM lifestyle in the UK. All bears are reborn and given new names and homes by adoptive customers wishing to create new happy memories with one of our special fetibears. One off fun creations.

Once the individual Fetibears are gone, they won't be repeated the same ever again.


This is an artisan crafted item, made in the UK by skilled leather craftspeople which are members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, active in the BDSM Lifestyle. We 'Do not' use Faux or reconstituted Leather, only the very best quality grade A selected leather sourced by the UK and International TV and Movie industries. Our leather, metal fittings etc are primarily sourced within the UK, so we're also helping to support other UK small business'.

We have some complimenting stock of restraint cuffs, collars, and much more available in these colour options of leather, please ask us about them or browse our store. We also have a very popular and discreet Bespoke Service available for the more discerning customers who'd like something a little different from what we currently list, please message us about your ideas and see them come to life!

We Ship WORLDWIDE and only ever use discreet plain packaging, with just our zip code not our business name on the exterior of parcels as required by our shipping agent. All items are Tracked and signed for security purposes.

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Weight: 1.9kg
Brand: Fetibears