AB/Sissy Vegan Friendly Option Mystery Box (1)

AB/Sissy Vegan Friendly Option Mystery Box (1)

Part of our Mystery Box Range

Introducing our new range of AB Space by SubSpaceLeathers Mystery boxes available for AB/Sissy, or just BDSM, Leather or Vegan Friendly options, Girl, Boy and Non Gender specific, Bondage/restraint/Non Bondage Restraint variants

Mystery Boxes Range in prices from £30 upward (Please see each individual listings of our Mystery boxes)

All boxes will contain products that we have listed online, mostly our own hand crafted items, and each box will contain products of a higher value than if purchased separately across our online outlets.

AB/Sissy Vegan Friendly Option Mystery Box

(Please be aware that this mystery box could include Bondage/Restraint items)

Examples of selection of our products you might be surprised to find in yours;

Pacifiers in many solid or combination colours (We stock 15 Solid colours)

Pacigags, in a range of PVC colours

Rainbow Ball gags, Foam rainbow balls, variants of PVC Colours

Breathable ball gags, in many PVC Colours, Red, White, Orange, Pink or Yellow balls

Feeding bottle, in four colour combination contrasting colours

Adult Sized Teat/s, in silicone, extra long to suit the adult sucking motion

Muslin cloths, 100% cotton

Binky Holder straps, Many PVC colours, Coloured Silicone ends

Neck paci/bottle holder straps, in many PVC colours

Rainbow Pride Suspenders/Braces, size to fit all

PVC Collars of various Designs, in many PVC colours (We''ll contact you for a neck size if included in the box)

PVC Restraint Wrist Cuffs (If box will contain them we'll contact you for wrist sizes)

Small Feeder Sets, in four colour and themed combinations

Large Feeder sets, in four combi colours and themes (Only available in the £50 Mystery box)

Fetibear, Our own unique Fetibear kinky AB Vegan Friendly dressed bears (Only available in the £50.00 Mystery box)

Amount of products will vary per box and price of purchase, but we guarantee your purchase will be worth more in value than if your were to buy them all as separates from us! 

All Mystery box Items are individually clear plastic sealed bagged, white small drawstring organza bags for some small items, then packaged up with tissue paper,
bubble wrap and boxed for shipping.

We Ship WORLDWIDE and only ever use discreet plain packaging, with just our zip code not our business name on the exterior of parcels as required by our shipping agent. All items are Tracked and signed for security purposes.


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