AB/DL Leather Chest/Diaper Harness & Nursery Accessory Set
AB/DL Leather Chest/Diaper Harness & Nursery Accessory Set
AB/DL Leather Chest/Diaper Harness & Nursery Accessory Set
AB/DL Leather Chest/Diaper Harness & Nursery Accessory Set
AB/DL Leather Chest/Diaper Harness & Nursery Accessory Set

AB/DL Leather Chest/Diaper Harness & Nursery Accessory Set

AB/DL Leather Chest/Diaper Harness & Nursery Accessory Set

This is a custom handcrafted and Unique nine concept Full AB/DL, Sissy Outfit and Accessories made from Genuine Grade A Leather available in Nine lovely pastel shades (Prince Sky Blue leather colour can be seen here), all with locking buckles where applicable. This set with it's two Chest and Diaper harnesses with Dee ring attachments points  are ideal for most Bondage and Restraint type situations.

Five new Leather colours options now available for 2018

  • Retro Chest Walking Harness
  • Diaper Harness
  • Harness Joiner Straps
  • Quick Release Walking Strap
  •  Pacigag
  • Paci Insert Gag
  • Set of Restraint Cuffs
  • Double Ended trigger hooks
  • 4 Point Hogtie
  • Paci Holder Clip Strap
  • Leather chain to wrist cuff leash

Set Comprising;

Locking Diaper/Nappy Harness, with central crotch panel and welded Dee ring, which can be moved or removed. Two double roller locking buckles with keepers make it fully adjustable for the wearer to keep a diaper in place, and makes a very good chastity device we are told. The diaper pad is lined with white calf leather.

Retro Style Chest Harness is a unique design to us, exclusive and hand-crafted from the finest leather, by our skilled leather craftsmen. It's fully adjustable, lockable, Suede-lined (Metallic Silver or Metallic Light Blue with our Prince or Princess coloured leathers) harness.  

Leather Harness joining straps (x 3 straps), made with one inch leather straps looped at both end so that they can be slipped on and off the straps of the two harness' (Chest/Nappy) with ease. Each single strap incorporates a one inch locking roller buckle as standard to make the two harness' into a secure one piece.

Restraint Wrist and Ankle cuffs set (x 4 Cuffs) which are luxury suede lined for extra warmth and comfort of the wearer. All fittings are of the highest grade, with welded 'D' Rings and locking roller buckles. 

2 x Double Ended Trigger Hooks.

This cuff design is for multi purpose use, with the straps and D ring being removable making them adaptable for numerous bondage type situations. These cuffs when bought as a pair can be used as 'Cross Cuffs' when straps are interlinked at the front or rear of a person. When bought as a set (4 Cuffs) they can be used in many configurations including wrist to ankle. 

Pacifier Holder Gag. This is our own totally unique design product. Straps made from Leather with PVC thinner straps (clear) riveted to a one inch welded ring either side and fastens with a roller locking buckle and keeper. one size fits all. Centre of insert gag will take most sized pacifiers. 

Pacigag, with an Super Large Adult sized dummy which can be taken apart for hygiene purposes (Note only the pacifier shied is fixed to the strap). Item comes with 1 (fixed) Super sized Adult Pacifier attached to leather straps (2 x rings & roller locking buckle fasten. Pacifier matched to leather colours as follows;

Aqua Blue - Light Blue Paci
Candy Pink - Light Pink Paci
Neon Pink - Light Pink Paci
Princess Barbie Pink - Light Pink Paci
Prince Sky Blue - Light Blue Pacifier
Snow White - White Paci
Lemon - Yellow Paci
Black - Black Paci
​​​​​​​Midnight Purple - Dark Purple Paci
​​​​​​​Dark Green - Light Green paci
​​​​​​​Red - Red Paci
​​​​​​​Navy Blue - Navy Blue Paci

Fixed Pacifier Dimensions;

Pacifier/Dummy/Binky Materials/Size;
Teat = Food grade silicone BPA, Latex Free
Teat Size = Approximately 5cm Long x 3cm Wide
Shield Material = Plastic
Shield Size = Approximately 6.65cm Wide x 4.75cm Tall

Walking Leather/chain leash accessory, ideal for use with the Adult Baby chest harness, or a single restraint cuff. With heavy duty chain with end quick release trigger hook. (Can be affixed to either side or front of the chest harness, wrist cuffs etc)

Leather walking strap Accessory for use with Adult Baby Harness or cuff to cuff, full leather double ended with a swivel trigger hook each side. (Clips onto either side of the chest harness)

Four Point Hogtie, with triple riveting and four end swivel quick release trigger hooks.

Binky Holder Clip strap is leather with silicone pacifier (sold separately) attachment end, and on the other a metal clip to secure it in place.

Sizes - As below (Larger sizes are available as Bespoke, Please contact us);
Once you have chosen the leather colour and made your purchase of the set, then please contact us with the correct sizes for the Chest, Waist, Wrists and Ankles as this is a Custom Made to measure set to specific individual requirements, as later mistakes after processing begins cannot be rectified

Nappy Harness Sizing for waist;
Ickle to fit from 26 to 32"
Middle to fit from 32 to 38"
Bouncy 36 to 42"
Big 42 to 48"

Retro Chest Harness Chest size;
Ickle to fit 28" to 34"
Middle to fit 32" to 38"
Bouncy to fit 38" to 44"
Big to fit 46" to 52"

Wrist Restraint Cuffs;
Ickle To fit From 7 to 9 Inches
Middle To fit From 8 to 10 Inches
Bouncy To fit From 9 to 11 inches

Ankle Restraint Cuffs;
Ickle To fit From 8 to 10 inches
Middle To fit From 9 to 11 inches
Bouncy To fit From 11 to 13 inches
Big To fit From 12 to 15 inches

Pacigag, Paci insert gag, chain leash, leather walking strap, hogtie, trigger hooks and Binky holder clip strap;

All Universal sized.

****Please note - There is a price difference when choosing the Princess Barbie Pink or Prince Sky Blue options, as the leather is much more expensive, and the pink (Chest harness & Cuffs) are lined with soft luxurious silver calf leather, the blue with light blue metallic luxury calf leather rather than suede. Also there is a price difference for our 5 new additional leather colour options due to the leather being more expensive and needing more processing techniques when creating the individual pieces for this custom made set. Black, Midnight purple, Red, Dark Green and Navy Blue leather options chest harness/cuffs etc will all be lined with soft black suede. 

Because these items are being purchased as a set rather than as separates, we have applied a multi-buy 15% discount to the original retail price, and there is also savings on collective shipping.

This is an artisan crafted set, made and with materials sourced in the UK by Highly Skilled Leather Craftspeople active in the BDSM Fetish Lifestyle who are Members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen. We interact and consult with the National and International AB/DL & Sissy Communities to help develop our High End Leather and Vegan Friendly Collections. We also help support many National and International Pride and AB/DL events via sponsorship, donations or via attendance with our traders stall.

We have a very discreet Service for the more discerning customers wanting something a little extra special. Please message us about this free no obligation service.

We SHIP WORLDWIDE Tracked and Signed for Via Royal Mail First Class, and use only discreet plain unbranded packaging and a return zip code address as required by our shipping agent, our name is not displayed on the package exterior. 

This order ships in two packages to save on huge shipping fees rather than a combined package, and you will need to sign for them on delivery after we have provided you with a unique tracking code.
5 stars based on 6 reviews
Danielle Ross
from USA
"The order came in two separate packages. It arrived fairly quickly to the USA considering the origin. The first harness I received had slipped through quality inspection, but the shop refunded the return shipping cost for the damaged one and sent a new one, and a gift."
Jeremy Haney
from Australia
"Love it! I was really nervous about ordering this product online because I live in the US, but I was super excited when it came. Everything fit perfectly, the quality is outstanding, it is very comfortable to wear and shipping time was great. I am so impressed with this. Was definitely worth every penny. High quality item!"
Vanilla Belle
from Washington USA
"Love it love it love it! <3 I feel so snug and lovely in my new set! High quality, comfort, cuteness. Perfection! <3"
from Brighton, UK
"Quality is superb as is the customer service, highly, highly recommended."
from USA
"What you see is what you get, you get everything in the picture which is a pretty good set that's got most of what you would want and in leather too. Only a few minor complaints. I really wish there was an option to have the lead clip at the back of the harness instead of the front and for the lead to be a little longer. And it would be nice if the set included a collar as well, it's the only thing really missing. Those are nit picks. High quality leather that feels secure and looks good. And as far as ab chest harnesses go I think this is probably the best one out there."
from Florida, USA
"Omg! i was super excited to receive my order, it was like Christmas just opening all the individually bagged items in the set. Smelled absolutely lush the leather aroma that escaped. The whole set far exceeds my expectations of quality of workmanship, this really is a must for all Ab's to own."
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Weight 2kg