Vegan pacifier gag, vegan friendly pacigag, swapsie gag,
Vegan pacifier gag, vegan friendly pacigag, swapsie gag,
Vegan pacifier gag, vegan friendly pacigag, swapsie gag,
Vegan pacifier gag, vegan friendly pacigag, swapsie gag,
Vegan pacifier gag, vegan friendly pacigag, swapsie gag,

AB Vegan Friendly Swapsie 3 Pretty Pinks Pacigag

Featuring our New Clear Pink Pacifiers New for 2020!
AB Vegan Friendly Swapsie 3 Pretty Pinks Pacigag

We've given our hugely popular AB/DL Locking Pacifier gags a big and versatile Upgrade in our Vegan Friendly Range for 2020!

Listing is for the purchase of a Custom Made Single locking PVC Swapsie Pretty Pinks coloured Pacigag which come with three large adult sized contrasting Black/Purple coloured Pacifiers that can be swapped about to form your favourite colour combination!

Our new Mix/Match 'Swapsie Pacigags' now come with three contrasting colour extra Large large shield (Adult Sized) pacifiers which can be affixed onto the smaller UV Neon Pink pvc strap (Our other pagigag's feature a single paci where the shield is fixed onto the straps)or can be taken apart for hygiene purposes or to mix and match colour variations.

Not only does the SWAPSIE PACIGAG come with three interchangeable pacis, but the smaller PVC straps have been doubled for extra strength and are colour matched/contrasted.

The Pacifier colours featured in this Swapsie Gag is Glitter Pink, Glitter Purple and our Brand New Clear pink paci's not available in any of our other gags.

So the Swapsie Pacigag comes with three contrasting (one brand new colour to our range of pacigags) Large shield Adult Pacifiers, two easy to use screw type metal fasteners (To fix the pvc strap onto the holes in the pacis) half inch wide doubled UV Neon Pink PVC straps (That are fixed/riveted onto the one inch diameter welded rings fixed onto the one inch wide UV Neon Pink PVC straps which incorporate a roller locking buckle and keeper.

We have taken great care in designing this product to make this a very comfortable hygienic and versatile item for adult babies to wear for long periods of little space time. We fasten our smaller PVC straps on to the outside of our pacifier shield so that the edges are not uncomfortable against the lips and tongue.

Image for demonstration purposes only to show the stainless steel screws used in this product

Pacifier/Dummy/Binkie Materials/Size;
Teat = Food grade silicone BPA, Latex Free
Teat Size = Approximately 5cm Long x 3cm Wide
Shield Material = Plastic
Shield Size = Approximately 6.65cm Wide x 4.75cm Tall

This adult sized paci design comes apart for cleaning, or mixing and matching colours of the same design, this makes the SWAPSIE PACIGAG that Ickle bit extra special.

The Adult super sized pacifier design has a small vent between shield and nipple to allow passage of air for comfortable sucking experience and can be taken apart for cleaning or to re-inflate a flat teat which can be troublesome with other types of fixed pacifiers.

***Please note that you should rinse or sterilise your pacifiers in warm water prior to using.

**Please note images to show scale of pacifiers and them being taken apart

Dare to be different with more colour mix and match options of our new Vegan Friendly SWAPSIE Pacigag!

This is an Artisan Crafted item made in the UK by skilled Leather Craftspeople with over Forty years combined experience who are active in the BDSM/Fetish Lifestyle. We 'Do not' use Faux, Pleather, PU Leather or Reconstituted Leather (Except for our Vegan Friendly PVC range), only the very best quality Grade A selected Leathers/Suede's sourced in the UK and used by the International TV and Movie industries. Our leather, suede's, furs, metal fittings and adornments etc are primarily sourced within the UK, so we're also helping to support other UK small business'.

We Ship WORLDWIDE  and 'Only' ever use discreet plain unbranded packaging, with just our zip code 'not ' our business name anywhere on the exterior of parcels as required by our shipping agent. All items are Tracked and signed for security purposes via Royal Mail First Class, so you will need to sign for the package on delivery once we provide you with a unique tracking code.

**Note - We do not accept returns on Custom Made/Bespoke, Personal/Intimate (As covered by current EU Law) items, impact play toys, Gags etc and Clearance/Sale Items due to good hygiene practices we like to implement.
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