What we’ll be doing in 2019

 So what can you expect from us in 2019?

Well after a very busy 2018 and having to cope with various illness’, operations and two close family member bereavements, the Subspaceleathers team have kicked of the New Year with some new additions to our growing Vegan Friendly Collection AB Fetish and BDSM Items.  There are now locking restraint cuffs for wrist and ankles in seven colour options of PVC to go with our Black Neoprene choice of restraints and strap ons and gags.



and there are three new Collars in PVC, two locking one without locking buckles, A leash, a four way Hogtie and a multi change front versatile gag.


As well there have been five brand new Floggers added to the Impact Section of the website

American Black Walnut Wood and Black/Chocolate Brown grained Leather 10mm Wide Flogger

Autumn Coloured 3mm Suede Falls Flogger with American Black Walnut Handle

Earth Tri Coloured 3mm Suede Falls Flogger with American Black Walnut Handle

Sensation Play Optional Coloured Rabbit Fur Falls Flogger

Sensation Play Red/Black Rabbit Fur Falls Flogger

There will many more new Floggers available for 2019 including rich Oxblood coloured leather in 10mm and 3mm width falls, Oxblood matched with classic black in 3mm width falls and Midnight purple leather in 3mm and 10mm widths, Cerise/Black coloured genuine rabbit fur falls, and a Black Merino fur flogger all with our very popular Black laminated hard wood handles.

There will also be multiple new designed Impact play paddles, tawses, dragon tails and straps that will be aimed at those of you who prefer the more scary looking spanking implements! The very sharp spiked paddles range will be added not just for our LAM customers but for our online customers now that we can regularly source specific screw spikes to use.




At the end of 2018 we added three new fantastic leather colours across our range of bondage/restraints and impact play toys, (below) and two new complete ranges came from them with Midnight Purple and Forest Collections proving very popular among our customers. For the midnight colour purple leather we introduced a different style of cuff  with the straps affixed on the outer base riveted in place, and we shall be developing a few other designs and sizes in our core leather colours. Medical play restraint cuffs, belts and straps will also be developed this year.




Fetish ranges

We’ve already begun the groundwork with designs in the workshop and have made some progress so far with looking to create some padded restraints cuffs for some Medical Play products that we are hoping to add to the website and our Etsy store in 2019. First we needed to find out if our sewing machine could cope with sewing through white calf leather with 8mm of neoprene in the middle and it did, then we added a top layer of 3mm nude coloured cowhide leather and crossed our fingers and the machine performed great.


As a result of the successful testing of the three leather and neoprene layers being stitched together it has occurred to us to use these leathers and neoprene in the development of other non medical play products like our favoured AB/DL Fetish Range. So for 2019 we shall be looking to create at least two unique to us model locking diaper harness designs in leather and possibly one in PVC for our growing Vegan Friendly customers.

Our Locking Diaper harness one of our best sellers around the globe.

Mid 2018 saw us creating locking leather hand mittens in three leather colours and various gags including adding two new colours red and midnight purple to our head harnesses with either silicone ball or pacifier fronts to our AB Space assortment of products. We’ll maybe be developing our locking head harness further too to included multiple removable fronts eye blinds and other detachable pieces.


AB/DL – We’ve already just added a ‘mini’ version of our popular Pacifier insert gag to the growing collection of AB products we now stock or custom make and ship globally.

Pet Play – There are a few extra items planned to be created for 2019 in our puppy , kitty and pony play ranges with additions of new collar designs, multi change head harness’ and training items among some ideas we have.


As the year goes on there will also be other products that we’ll introduce as we regularly have new ideas hit us out of the blue or as a result of contacts or experiences, so keep watching our blog and website for updates.





10. February 2019 by SubSpace Leathers
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