For more than five years, SubSpace Leathers has been the name above names in the quality fetish leathers scene. Our unique, handmade kink toys have become legendary in UK kink, and internationally, and we are a fixture at many major trade shows and online, via our popular Etsy store.

While we no longer sell directly through this website, our beautifully redesigned new online home will act as a catalogue or shop window, showing you some of the highlights of our collections, from blinds to cuffs, from paddles to slappers and everything in between.

You can use the links below to explore our main categories, or browse using the drop-down menu at the top. We also have pages full of information about our leathers and dyes, our bespoke service and a whole load of testimonials from some very satisfied customers.




We at SubSpace Leathers are active members of the fetish community, and our lived experience of the BDSM lifestyle in a changing political and cultural landscape affects and informs how we run our business. When this business started, as a small stall at fetish markets in London and the South East of England, our goal was to provide the absolute highest quality fetish and kink toys for our clients and our friends, and that goal remains unchanged. To this day, we are confident that our products are the very best on the market.

Everything we sell is made by us, with quality control our watchword. There is no room for compromise on the materials we use, from the leathers we buy to dye and cut in our workshop, to the rigorously-tested hardware and buckles. We don't sell imported paddles and cuffs, chopped and assembled by machines in overseas factories; SubSpace Leathers cut, stitch, bond and finish every item by hand, working from our own designs to fit the exact specifications of a demanding, passionate clientele.

Affinity, Reality, Community

We are more than just craftspeople, we are practitioners of kink, and this Affinity makes us special. Like our customers, we live the Reality of the BDSM lifestyle, and bring this reality to our products. Through our passion, our love and our sense of Community we have learned that open, direct communication is the cornerstone of a business like ours, and nothing makes us happier than maintaining an open dialogue of friendship with our clients.